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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Week Commencing 1st March

Week Overview  

Last week before we go back to school! This week the changes to the home learning will continue, as with last week.

  1. We will provide you with a brief weekly overview so that you know what you are going to be doing this week.  

  1. We have labelled parts of the timetable with ‘must’, ‘should’ or ‘could’ so that you know what to prioritise.  

  1. The Maths and English lessons will have an extra tutorial which is set at a slower pace and will support you through the questions (like a focus group). Watch this extra tutorial if you need extra support or need to work more independently. 

  1.  Every week there will be a new set of challenges which you can complete in the afternoons. It is up to you to decide how many challenges you complete. For more information see:

  1. There are extra resources to support learning on the tab ‘resources to support home learning’ on our class page.  

  1. Our daily meetings will now take place on Microsoft Teams. You have all been added to our class team and should have been sent a link via email to join the meeting at 9am. During each call there will be opportunity for the children to ask questions about the learning.  

  1. You only need to send us one piece of work a day – hopefully this will save you lots of time. 



Here is the summary of the learning for the week: 

Reading - For those doing Read, Write, Inc phonics you will continue watching the speed sound sessions and reading the e-books on the Ruth Miskin website or our new online platform "get epic". For those on guided reading, you will begin reading and answering questions on ‘The Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy.  

 English - This week we will be planning and writing our letter to our new friend in Australia! We will spend the first part of the week planning and writing the letter and then the second part of the week editing and revising our letter so that it is the best it can be before our new friends read them. Some of you might want to try our grow lesson at the end of the week you will be thinking about where you would rather live, Australia or the UK and writing a persuasive letter.

Maths -  tbc - We will update this section of the weekly overview on Monday - for Monday's task you have forest school so Maths will start from Tuesday this week

Challenges -  Here are the challenges for the week:


  • Challenge 6 (larger project)- Watch the video from Author Jonny Duddle. He creates his characters for his book by going out on a walk and imagining his characters. He then draws them in his sketch book and this is how his stories begin. Can you create your own character for a book and then write your own story? 

  • Challenge 7 (larger project)- Mrs Clarke has been given some money to buy some new books for the school. Can you write a piece of persuasive writing convincing her why she should purchase your favourite book. You could do this in the format of a book review, a video, a vlog or you could research persuasive writing techniques and write a convincing letter.

  • Challenge 8 Make your favourite book character out of a potato or a wooden spoon. How creative can you be with the materials you have at home? 

  • Challenge 9 Choose a quote from your favourite book and design an inspirational poster for your wall.

  • Challenge 10 This challenge has been chosen by our Rights Respecting Ambassadors. They would like you to create a video about your favourite right/ rights. You could also explain what rights are. We would love to share it on our website so that we can tell more children about their rights Article 1 – You have the right to know your rights!

Have a great week and if you need anything please do contact us:

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