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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

What are we learning this term? Term 3

Main experience

Here comes the Big Bad Wolf - in this Literacy and Expressive Arts and Design experience, children are learning about stories, their different parts, character and settings. They are also learning how to retell and act out a story.


Discreet experiences

Phonics - we are starting with RWI phonics adapted to nursery. We are introducing the sounds m, a, s, d, t. We are practising our sound recognition at the beginning of words and sound out and blend CVC words that contain those sounds.

Maths - we are learning numbers 1-5 - counting, number recognition and matching quantities. We are working on subitising - fast recognition - of number quantities 1-3.


How can I support at home?

Encourage listening skills. Ask open-ended questions. Model language and behaviour. Promote independence - putting their shoes on, brushing their teeth, using cutlery. 

Explain the parts of the book. Ask them what happened in the stories you just told. Act out the different characters in a story. Ask them to make a prediction on how a story might end. Create silly stories together. 

Review the sound of the week with them. Play 'I spy' to find items that begin with the same sound.

Encourage counting behaviour around them. Help them to count snacks - grapes, pieces of apple... - steps, jumps... Recognise numbers in the environment.


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