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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

What are we learning this term? Term 4

Main experience

One apple a day keeps the doctor away - in this Physical Development and Communication and Language experience, children are learning about what 'healthy' means and what healthy habits they can implement within their lives. They are also learning how to communicate these things effectively, using longer sentences.


Discreet experiences

Phonics - we continue with RWI phonics adapted to nursery. We are introducing the sounds i, n, p, g, o. We are practising our sound recognition at the beginning of words and sound out and blend CVC words that contain those sounds and the ones worked during the previous term.

Maths - we continue learning about numbers, subitising 1-3 and counting, learning 'one more and one less', matching and composition of numbers 1-5. We are learning the number line 1-10. 


How can I support at home?

Encourage listening skills. Ask open-ended questions. Model language and behaviour. Promote independence - putting their shoes on, brushing their teeth, using cutlery. 

 Identify healthy habits in their lives. Encourage hygiene and why it is important - washing hands, toothbrushing. Help them select healthy food options. Do some exercise. 

Review the sound of the week with them. Play 'I spy' to find items that begin with the same sound. Sound out CVC words for them and blend them.

Encourage counting like behaviour: count how many pieces of fruit they have for snack, how many steps to get to the kitchen... Count numbers 1-5 forwards and backwards, try to guess 'one more and one less'.

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