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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Winter is Looming

For our art experience, we are learning different weaving techniques to create a blanket for the residents at Lavender Fields Care Home. We started our experience with a Zoom call to find out what the residents liked - memorable places, favourite flowers and colours.

Lots of children have had to persevere with a new challenge, and they have all made fantastic progress.

Our launch page is attached below. We will upload some photos of the outcome once completed. The lovely Mrs Jones from KS1 will then be putting the individual blankets together to create one large blanket to take to the care home.

Alongside the artwork, the children were reading The Princess Blanket by Carol Ann Duffy. It is a story full of beautiful, descriptive language. The children re-wrote the story from the Princess' perspective, focusing on her emotions and what she saw. 


Mrs Jones, one of our KS1 TAs has very kindly compiled all of our blankets to make the final outcome. We will be taking it to Lavender Fields next week for the residents to enjoy.

Can you spot your blanket?

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