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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

World book day - The Tin Forest

In this experience we are going to become storytellers. Using the wonderful story of The Tin Forest and our woodland at school, we are going to write fantastic descriptions to go within the story. We will be focusing on using our five senses, adjectives and the conjunction 'and'. Our outcome will be to create an audiobook, which includes our description. 

We learnt about adjectives, so that we could use these in our descriptive writing. We used a good plan, bad plan to show which words were adjectives and which were not. We then wrote some sentences about the forest with adjectives to describe. Some of us challenged ourselves to use 3 adjectives to make our writing more powerful. 

Next, we learnt about using the conjunction and to join short sentences/clauses.

We found items in the forest and took them back to our classroom, so that we could describe them using our senses.

We also took some photos of the forest to use:

Our outcome: To write a description of the forest to go within the story of The Tin Forest.

The Tin Forest: Ward, Helen, Anderson, Wayne: 9781848776678:  Books

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