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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Year 4- Badgers

Have a look at our recent learning experiences through our galleries within the tabs at the side.

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I have attached below the recommended reading list and websites that can help you access age appropriate texts for your child. As well as, a link below for some resources for your child to help with maths at home. 

What we are learning this term

Main experiences

Need a Tudor? - In this experience, the children will be using the hook of the Tudors, and specifically Henry VIII, to be able to write diaries. We will be looking at how the character will come out in their writing. 

Scratch In this experience, we will be looking at how to programme a game for year 3 for them to play. During the experience we will be doing discrete English narrative writing based on the book Journey. Have a look at it here, it is a great book. 

Click here to read about the book 

Discrete Experiences

Maths - We are looking at multiplication and division. Focusing on formal written methods and multiplying by 10 and 100. 

R.E.  - This terms experience is Gospel. Looking at the messages that Jesus taught, and how Christians live by them. We will be interviewing our reverend Anne about this in the week beginning 22nd January. 

P.E.  - This terms experience is dance, linked with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

MFL - This terms experience is school and greetings. 

Website to help with maths

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