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Well done to Chelsea for her letter home based on The Giant's Necklace. I really liked how she reassured her family in the first sentence and super simile 'like ice freezing over a lake.' Have a look at her excellent letter below. 

This is a great letter from Will based on The Giant's Necklace, especially where he mentions to his family that they won't believe him. Will's letter contains regret, deliberate vocabulary choices and repetition. Have a look below. 

Dear family,

                           It’s a fact that you will never believe me, you remember when you went home on that stormy night and left me on the beach to collect all those stones for the giant’s necklace, well a lot has happened, and I thought you might want to hear. It all started when the storm was getting bad and there many more shells to collect but they were all in the sea, so I got in the sea and started to search for them, but as soon as a huge wave swept me away; I knew that was the wrong decision

I kicked and splashed but the storm was overpowering me by a mile. I called for help, but nobody came, I knew by then that I needed to save myself. The rocks were coming up and I knew I could grab onto them and haul myself up but the seashells I was carrying were weighing me down, so for an amount of time I climbed until I found a ledge which I laid the shells on and knew I would come back and get them.

I climbed and climbed until I found the exit of the old mine that was abandoned at least that’s what everyone thinks. I ran in there for shelter not knowing what I’d find. I looked for anything valuable like some gold or something, but there was no sign of anything but dirt and stone. However, one thing did catch my eye when I was having a wander, I saw two men having a chat about something to do with copper and tin. I went over to them t ask for some help to get up to the top and they were very kind and we had a fire and we had a chat about stuff and then I asked to go home and the younger of the two showed me out, also if this ever gets to you please could we visit them again because they're very lonely and very nice! 

Love Cherry-by Will 



Have a look at these brilliant, informative newspaper articles below. I loved their headlines, detailed use of the 6 w's in their orientation and emotive quotes. 




Cherry Wood, aged 12, is believed to have been swept away at sea on Friday 8th January 2021. She was at Boat Cove in Cornwall, with her family before she was left on her own to finish gathering cowrie shells for a necklace she was making.

Her mum realised she was missing when she didn’t return home at the time she said she would and she tried to ring her at around 6pm but the call failed. Her mum went back to the beach to try and find her but she was nowhere to be seen. The police were called to come and search for this little girl but they could not see anything. The beach was empty of clues.

Cherry’s mother, Mrs Lucy Wood, 27, from Orpington said “I am truly horrified at thought of what has happened to my little daughter who has been missing for days. These have been the worst 48 hours in my whole entire life. I feel so guilty for leaving Cherry on the beach on her own but she was desperate to finish her giant necklace. It’s all my fault. I hope she will return back home soon.”

PC Simon who is leading the search for lost girl, says, “At this time, we are gathering clues to find out what has happened to Cherry in the past 48 hours. This is a very serious situation and there is currently no evidence to suggest that she is alive at this moment. If we do not find her in the coming days, we will be conducting a search for her body.”

The policeman and life guards will carry on looking for Cherry day and night.

If anyone has information please contact 07387821534 or emailed

Reported by Ollie             




On Wednesday 6th January, a girl named Cherry Evans, 11, disappeared in Boat Cove, Cornwall. The young girl, who is currently in serious danger, was collecting cowrie shells to make a giant necklace. No one knows what really happened to Cherry after she was parted from her family that evening.


The young girl wanted to stay to find her non-found uniformed shells. She only had 80 left to find, so her mother trusted her to go home at 3:30pm. After 4pm, Cherry still didn’t return. A local lady who had walked past with her dog, Pip had seen Cherry at around 3:50pm. The dog walker called, Martha, 72, said “I feel very sorry for Cherry’s family because Cherry is such a young girl, and for to be on her own is extremely upsetting. I did see her on her own by the cliff but I didn’t think anything of it. I hope Cherry does get found.”

Cherry’s mother, Lucy, 39, said “I am very worried about my Cherry. She is only 11 years old.  I blame myself for letting her stay on the beach all on her own. If it wasn’t for me, Cherry would be at home making her giant necklace and none of this would have happened.”

Cherry’s 4th brother, who is the youngest son, Max, 13, said “I mocked Cherry with my older brothers a lot … well all the time. When it went 4pm, we all realised Cherry wasn’t home, so I felt very worried and I am still. I now regret everything that I said about Cherry. I do now hope Cherry knows how much I miss her, if not that I do love her.”

Police are still searching and have found a significant clue by an inhabited looking cave. There are quite a few clues in the area, such as foot prints and tea cups. We will continue to search the area for further clues and information.  Detective Peters states, “We are working with the family during this stressful time and also with the local community.”

If you spot Cherry or find out any further information, please contact us straight away on 07987 456 102 or email us at:

Reported by Brooke      






On Tuesday the 5th  January 2021, Cherry Thomson, 12, disappeared at Boat Cove in the popular tourist town of Cornwall. It is suggested that she may have drowned but without evidence we can’t be sure. Her family still has hope, but many think she has drowned.

Her mother noticed she was missing when she broke the promise of coming home before dark. Her mother, father­ and her four brothers spent the whole night looking for her.

Cherry’s mother, Mrs Thomson, 33, who is desperate for good news, said “I left Cherry at the beach so she could collect some shells for her ‘Giants necklace’. I will never forgive myself, I feel like this is all my fault… how could I be so stupid to leave my own twelve year old daughter at a beach by herself. If you have seen her please report to me or the police right away.”

Nobody has reported seeing her yet so the police are leaning towards declaring her dead although a body has not yet been found. However there is a big chance she has been swept into sea.

One of Cherry’s brothers, Ben Thomson, 16, said “I can’t believe the last thing I ever said to my sister was to go away and now she really has. All me and my brothers did was bully and make fun of Cherry. I just wish I could see her again just to say sorry. All of the family miss her dearly.”

If you have seen her or have any information related to this case, please contact this number: 07337 455 227.

Reported by Maisie


Jasper's newspaer article:


A young girl called Cherry Rose was swept away at sea on the Wednesday 13th January 2021 between the hours of 16:00 – 17:00. The incident occurred at Boat Cove in the seaside town of Cornwall. It is believed that the young girl’s family had left her on her own, to finish her giant necklace before going home the next day.

It all began when she was looking for pink cowrie shells whilst at the beach with her brothers and parents. Her mum and dad initially noticed she was missing and went to search for her at the beach. After an hour of searching, the family, who are also from Cornwall, failed to find her.

They contacted the Police who are assisting with search. PC Jones and Detective Samuel Roberts are trying to find her with the use of sniffer dogs. A shoe lace was found and the sniffer dogs picked up the scent and was later found to belong to the missing girl. The dogs have also been focusing on a rock which had the shells on them. It has been reported that Cherry’s mum was devastated at the discovery. Cherry’s brothers were seen at Boat Cove with torches to assist with the search in order to find clues or a body.  

However, it has been suggested that the girl has drowned. PC Jones says “It is possible that she has drowned along especially with our recent findings of the shoe lace and shells, we think that she is no longer alive.”

If you have any sightings of young Cherry pictured, please get in contact on 07748273081.

Reported by Japser


I really liked June's comic strip based on The Giant's Necklace-especially the colossal wave. Have a look on the attachment below. 

What a great comic strip by Will. I really like his use of colour to draw the reader's attention and how he has put in each frame what is happening. Have a look below. 


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