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celebration page

Well done Chelsea for a fantastic mind map on adaptation. I especially liked your layout and presentation. Have a look in the attachment below. 

Well done Finley for creating your own algebra word problems and expressing the answers algebraically. I was really impressed with your understanding. See the attachment below. 

Great algebra questions created by June, see the attachment below. 

Well done Daniyal for creating your own algebra word problems and providing the answers. Have a look at his great work in the attachment below. 


I really liked how Nadia told the events as the 'Stute fish in her letter below.


By Nadia Crawley

Dear world,

Today has been the best day of my life. Something spectacular had happened. Let me tell you my story, but first I need to introduce myself. I’m Stute the fish, and I used to live in a dangerous place. It was all because of a whale. We used to call him the killer-whale. It's simple, he used to eat hundreds of innocent fish a day, until one day he had eaten every single one of them. Apart from me. I knew I had to step up and banish the whale, but every time I went near him, I’d shiver, and swim away. So I knew I had to think of something else. “But what?” I scratched my head as I spotted a book. It read: The humans. I knew I was up to something, I knew how to hit his weak spot. Food. That very next day I had swam to the colossal whale and told him this “Have you heard of humans, they’re scrumptious.” I saw his eyes water, I backed away... “Get me’h some of dat or I'll squish you.” Said he as he bared his fangs. Obediently, I went to search for a human.  

Eventually, after hard work I had brought the human to him. “ This better work.” I muttered as I watched him. He smacked his lips. “Yummy!” Said the selfish whale as he let out a massive burp. I started to wait, desperately praying that my plan would succeed. Then I waited some more, meanwhile trembling. After waiting hours, I had seen something jumping. “The human!” I said in amazement. This was my chance, my chance to become the hero. 

Then all of a sudden the whale's face turned red with pain. “ Get it out!” He bellowed as he spat out the human. 

From that day on the whale only ate small fish, and never dared to step out of line. See this was really the best day of my life!



In Leila's letter, her first sentence about being an 'ordinary fish' made me want to read on. Have a look below. 


Dear World,

                     Hello. I am just an ordinary fish, but with a story worth sharing. That is why I have put together this intriguing tale to show the world what actually happens down in the murky depths of the sea. Recently, a whale, who gulped down every fish in the area, got taught a valuable lesson performed in a queer way. This story is about how the selfish whale got his throat.

On another ordinary day, I saw the whale power past, like a killer tank, devouring every fish in range of him, and I thought, soon he will eat me. I have to do something. So I swam alongside the dominating whale, despite the shiver that travelled across my spine, and suddenly had a revolutionary idea: I would lure him into a trap he couldn’t resist. I rubbed my fins together in glee. 

Soon after, on an ordinary day, I put my plan into action. Swimming alongside a patch of bright coral, near the whale, I started to speak in a shaky tone. “ O’ mighty whale, have you heard of humans? They’re delicious!” “No. But I would like that now.” He grunted whilst swallowing a mouthful of colourful fish. “ Well..” I pretended to muse for a few seconds, “ If you go latitude fifty North, and longitude forty west, you will find a human, alone.” “Good. I’ll go now.” The whale replied, as he thrashed his tail, which created froth, ready to go.

A few days later, the whale returned with a look of pure disgust on his face. “ This human has been annoying me non- stop.” He grumbled. “ Let the human out then.” I tried to reply calmly. The whale nodded and called down his throat for the human to get out. But the human called back, “ Only if you bring me to the White Cliffs.” The whale nodded again reluctantly and set off. It was a treacherous swim there, and after a few weeks, his absence caused chaos to the residents of the sea. After a few more weeks, he came back, but a terrible realisation dawned on him: the pesky human had put a grate in his throat for revenge of almost eating him! 

And from that day on, he was only able to eat small fish, so the sea was saved from his angry wrath. I was the hero! But I figured the fuming whale would be furious with me, so I left to a more sunny location.

Yours sincerely,

                          ‘Stute the fish.


What a super letter from Kallum on how the camel got his hump. Have a look at it in the attachments below. I especially liked how he mentioned he had made some 'bad choices' and that his hump is 'the size of a football.' Well done Kallum-keep up the super writing. 


Have a look at Layla's amazing algebra guide in the attachments-which is detailed and explains algebra clearly. Well done. 

I love how Will has used his I.T skills to create his algebra guide. I especially like the step by step guide to solving an algebraic problem and also the presentation and layout. Have a look in the attachments below. 

Brooke has produced a brilliant guide to algebra with clear explanations at each stage. Have a look below. 


Well done Brooke for your letter from the Parsee, I liked the delight Brooke shows in her letter at trciking the rhino and getting her revenge. Have a look below. 


I love in Leila's story how she captures the cruelty of the crocodile by describing his teeth and him smacking his lips together-ready to eat the elephant's child. Read her superb story below.



 The crocodile opened its large pink jaw, covered with shiny dagger-like teeth, to whisper. “Come, my child..” “Ok... Crocodile.” She started to walk forwards. The crocodile had a malicious glint in his eyes, that the elephant felt uneasy about. She saw the predator smack his lips together in delight. She decided that was enough, so she started to whisper hoarsely “No crocodile.” But no words came out, as her tongue was stuck to the dry roof of her mouth. She backed away into a clump of tall ferns, hoping she could just run away without being seen. “Oh you’ve decided to play hide and seek!” He taunted mockingly. “Big scary crocodile is going to EAT you!”

The elephant shivered violently as all her last hope started to fade into nothingness. Surely she would be eaten before help got to her. Ah! She could get help. But from where? She crept towards the brightly coloured python who she encountered before, and she whispered urgently: “Oh Mr. Python, please get help! That nasty crocodile is trying to eat me.” The snake slithered away nodding. But how could she hold off the crocodile while help was on its way? She boldly stepped out in the open. “Well, stop gawping, stupid.” The elephant had found a new courage within her. “Uh.. uh..” stuttered the now embarrassed crocodile. 

Suddenly, a rhythmic beating sound erupted from the ground, and the small elephant sneered at the crocodile. “Ah that is my reinforcements!” The sound of hooves beating got louder and louder until her family were frowning aggressively at the crocodile. They started to scratch and bite the crocodile until he was a shredded ribbon, and he swam away, whimpering, never to be seen again. “As for you...” Uncle lion mused.

As quick as a flash, all her family were all on top of her, twisting her trunk. When she came out it was so elongated, that everyone started to burst into fits of laughter. She stood beside them, mortified. “THAT’S what you get!” Everyone shrieked, unable to contain their laughter. They dragged her home, still laughing and that was the end of her curiosity.

                                                                                   -THE END-


Well done to Daniyal for his letter from The Elephant's Child, I really liked his first sentence about letting a crocodile pull your nose, because it made me want to read on. Have a look in the attachments below.  

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