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Our original Just So Stories

I loved June's original Just So Story, because she starts her story like Rudyard Kipling would with 'In high and far-off times...' I also really liked how the Fennec Fox had an 'extremely loud voice' and that his large ears were given to him as a punishment. June also uses excellent vocabulary choices such as 'blazing finger' and miraculously.' Have a look at her story in the attachments below. 


Lelia's story-I loved the superb vocabulary choices used throughout this story to maintain the reader's attention and her deliberate use of repetition. Have a look below. 


In the beginning of time, the earth as we know it now, was different. Very different. The snarling wolves inhabited the Shadowland Creek and the fierce cheetahs ruled the mesmerising realm of the Spring Lands. The dominant leaders made sure the pack never trespassed the gateway that lead to the dry, dusty, and humid desert. You see, they were shy animals who kept themselves to themselves.

 The forest was inhabited by small glowing mushrooms that bathed the land in a bewitching light, and the trees bent down, with their bright leafy flowers, as if saying ‘hello’ to the shining floor. A clear blue stream wound through the moss covered banks, and you would think that the cheetahs were content here, but that is completely wrong. You would be surprised to know that cheetahs back then had light brown fur, and no spots. They longed to have beautiful coats, but they never did. 

One special cub especially longed to have a beautiful coat to show, so he prayed every day that he would finally be victorious. The cub was like all the others; fluffy brown fur and small black markings strewn across his face. One day, when the dawn cast pale streaks across the opaque sky, the cheetah cub was up early. He saw a massive black silhouette loom over the vegetation. Like the inquisitive cub he was, he followed the mysterious figure. He bolted through the turbid plants and stalks of bamboo, and finally came to a clearing , where the person he saw looked down into a cauldron filled with a sweet smelling liquid. They were muttering strange incantation. He caught his breath. “Is that you, Guardian Spirit?” He was beginning to shake. “Yes, it is me. Though I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“You see, I came here to deliver a very important message to your tribe. There is a... disturbance in the Shadowlands. I need you to trek through the treacherous region, and duel with the monster that is terrorising the place.” He paused. “Your reward is that your whole pack gets a beautiful coat of shimmering gold, and a spray of spots.” The cub sighed. “I can’t. I’m too young.” “In a few years you will do this quest.” He replied mysteriously, and disappeared in a puff of golden smoke. 

After years had passed by and the cub had grown up, he knew he had to do his mission, as the blooming forest had reduced to ash mushrooming up into the sky, and black, burnt ground. Finally he set off. After travelling through clouds of misery, he finally arrived.

Wolves sat on their haunches, but one wolf sat on the throne, a smile stretched across his face. “Welcome, guest. Sorry we don’t have enough time for parties. Come, and let us defeat the monster.” The pair bounded through the mounds of cold, sticky mud, then dashed across a churning river, then they arrived at an ashen clearing. A massive golden lion sat on its haunches, munching on an elephant’s carcass, baring its dripping ivory fangs. “You wish to fight me?” He growled, pointing his head towards many rotting animal bodies. “We do.” The cheetah took a rattling breath. The lion snarled and leapt at the two animals. After lots of evading fatal blows and piercing the lion’s golden coat, the massive predator slunk away, muttering “Next time..”

The pair walked in triumphantly, and was applauded by the wolves. After a warming meal of rabbit and wild grasses, the cheetah returned to his pack. The land was back to its former beautiful self, and as soon as he entered, all the cheetah’s fur turned to a shimmering shade of gold, and black spots splashed all over their bodies. The cheetah was crowned king, and everyone lived happily ever after.

                                                            -THE END-



Nadia's story-I loved how Nadia integrated dialogue to advance the action-really thinking about what the characters would actually say to each other. Have a look below. 


By Nadia Crawley

Many years ago in the early times, an invincible wolf pack prowled the lands of Shadow Crescent. But one day a terrible war raged, causing the death of the leader. It left the wolves vulnerable, so they had no choice but to hide in the shadows. The leader’s son was crowned king of the forest, but he was nothing like his heroic father. Instead he makes his people slave for him and does all the dirty work. He really was an unpleasant wolf. One day, the king decided he’d need a mate so he chose the prettiest one. Before the poor wolf could protest, he told her if she didn’t marry him he’d kill her family. She shivered, then reluctantly accepted.

After they had built a family, the cubs had started to howl, but one had a howl so pathetic, he got laughed at. The poor cub wasn’t allowed to play games with his siblings, instead he had to sit out. The cub was very sad.  There was Only one person who loved him, and that was his mother. Like him she had a good heart so one day, discreetly, she told her cub something very important. “Set out far away...” She said. “ And you shall find the king lion, and he shall help you. Overthrow your father, and our kingdom shall live happily as it one did. Go, go quickly before you get noticed.” Obediently, he listened to his mother and after he had said his goodbyes to her, he set out, determined to find this king lion. “This should be easy, right?” The cub knew he had a long journey awaiting him so he started to run.

After days of going through the hot desert, the tired cub had finally arrived. The king, who had been helping others, caught the eye of him. “What are you doing here young one?” said he. “Young ones are a rare sight here.” “Well... my Mother sent me here, she’s the queen and she told me to come to you for help. You see king, my father is horrible and he treats everyone badly so I wanted to overthrow him. Could you help me?” Said the wolf. “Of course I will.” He said cheerfully. 

After years of intense training, the cub had finally grown up to be an admirable wolf. “ Now go, overthrow your father.” Said the king. “Yes master I shall.” Once again the wolf travelled through the desert, meanwhile rehearsing what he was going to say. Eventually, he had arrived, stronger than ever. Then all of a sudden out of the corner of his eye, he saw his father. “ How dare you.” The cub growled as he came closer. “ You want to fight, fine let's have a fight!” The king arose from his throne and growled. “ Let's do a howling contest, and whoever wins gets to be king, and whoever looses will be banished, forever.” Said the smug cub. “ Your turn first.” Said he. “This is going to be easy.” Said the king . Then he let out a massive howl. All the wolves were startled. “My turn.” Said the smug cub. He let out a massive howl,  it was so loud that the ground shook. The petrified king ran off in a dash. 

Everyone lived happily ever after.

...THE END...


I especially liked the dramatic and exciting last paragrpah of Will's story. Have a look below. 

It was a normal Tuesday morning, where the snow was as white as milk and the
wind was gentler than a baby! James {the mammoth} was playing with his 5week
old son, while his wife was out hunting.
There was one thing different though, throughout the whole morning there were
growls and panting behind the cave, which formed their home. There was also
something that James had never heard before. It was an animal of some sort,
bawling its eyes out behind their home, which was the direction that his wife gone!
“I wonder what it can be”. James was so curious as to what was happening that
he tucked his son safely into the little cabinet, that not even his wife knew of , “now
you stay in here until either me or mummy come home, and DON’T let anyone
know where you are!”. He ran around to the back of their home, only to find the
remains of flesh and bones of his wife!! “NO! not you, why you?”, he said while
tears stained his face!
Suddenly, a huge sabre-toothed tiger jumped out from behind a rock! “now it’s
your turn to die!”, said the tiger as it drooled all over James. It looked as if it were
able to wipe out the whole planet with its colossal teeth. ”your wife was a lovely
starter, but you look like a better main course! After I engulf you, I shall devour
your child as if it were a sweet desert!”. It dug into James’ skin. James got the
beast off his body, but not off his tracks! He got a head start, but the wild beast
chased after James at about double his speed. James’ heart was racing as he felt
the savage beast get closer and closer.
It was only about 20 seconds later that the tiger pushed him over, clung onto him,
and then dug his shiny, white, teeth back into the mammoth. The beast dug so
hard that the mammal fell over onto the remains of his wife. Then something even
more excruciating happened! The bones that belonged to his loved one, pierced
through his skin, and dug right into his face. “OOOWWW!! Blood dribbled down
his face where the tears had been just a little earlier. The long bones made two
big spikes on him, one on each cheek! He must have been a scary sight to
behold, because when the tiger saw them, it ran away faster than it had chased
James in the first place! James shouted after the fast disappearing animal, “Are
you sure it’s my turn to die!?” James made it safely home, and sadly broke the
news to his son that his mother had passed, but he knew that a part of her would
be with him forever.


I love the similes Finley uses in his story about his giraffe, he also made me feel sorry for him before he got his new neck. Have a read below.


How the Giraffe got his neck


Long long ago there lived a Giraffe, not any old Giraffe but a Giraffe with a very small neck. He wasn't able to reach up like the others to get his food from the top of the branches. This little Giraffe only got the left overs that had fallen onto the floor. But to the lack of food this Giraffe loved to laugh, he laughed more than any other Giraffe.  

One day the little Giraffe who loved to laugh tried to get food. His mood had gone down like a flat tyer, but just then there was his mother who had done something shocking. She knew what to do as the wind blew. She grabbed the little Giraffes neck and pulled it. Suddenly it sprang up, just like a rocket. 

He felt so joyful and happy and he started to laugh and so did his mum. Now he could have a real taste of food but not from the ground in the mud but from the top of the beautiful branches, he ate and still laughed more then any Giraffe.


What a brilliant story from Tia C, I especially loved her use of 'Oh Best Beloved' and her deliberate use of repetition. Have a look below.

The snow tiger without her tail!

                               Tia C Year 6 CE School

Oh Best Beloved, over 200 years ago in 1815, there was a snow tiger called, Tulip, who lived in Beijing in a forbidden tropical forest where her other wholesome snow tiger family lived. At this time, she did not have a tail at the back of her.

During this unfortunate year, Arctic weather had swept the country like a broom sweeping the floor. It was freezing, freezing, freezing. All the beautiful and fruitful crops started to wither meaning there were hardly any crops or natural food for the poor animals to feed on. The animals were ravenous – including Tulip, due to their prey slowly diminishing.

The forbidden forest was not in a good state and this meant the pained snow tiger was stuck in the mouldy, mouldy, mouldy vines. The pained tiger had no food in three days and she was so skinny like she hadn’t eaten for one year. Suddenly, there was an ambush of snow Tigers five steps away from Tulip, trying to find food from the lack of crops that were left from the horrific monster tsunami.

Tulip kept trying to pull herself out the bush, but every pull left her with scratches all over her fur and ended up with a tint of blood stain on her lovely white soft fur. “Help” Tulip was crying in pain and hunger from how long she was there for. When she kept pulling and pulling to try and get out, it looked like a tail was coming out getting longer and longer every time she pulled and pulled. It just kept getting bigger and bigger until it was the longest tail that was as long as the Eiffel tower.

After a struggle, she finally got out after 20 minutes. She was the cool tiger out of them all of the snow tigers because she had the longest tail out of all of the snow tigers and was the most powerful Snow Tiger in the whole of the forbidden forest. “Because you have the longest tail, we want you to be our leader forever. Please be our leader”. The snow tigers asked the long tailed tiger. “I would love to be.” They voted Tulip to be the new leader of the whole pack in the forbidden forest, because of her long, long, long tail in Beijing, the city of China.

After some time moved, they moved to the yellow mountains near Hangzhou, to escape the famine, where Tulip roamed the land, with her extra long, long, long tail and the crops were fresh, and the vines were clear. Oh Best Beloved, they never starved or got stuck in vines again.


What a fantastic story by Ollie M-I loved the simile at the beginning, his use of deliberate repetiton at a rhetorical question with 'What do you think?' Have a look below.

The pale parrot who became the pastel parrot  

Once there lived a Parrot, many years ago, who was as white as cotton wool. He lived in the humid and luscious Amazon rainforest with the other parrots but this parrot was different to all the other parrots. The other parrots were stunningly bright and beautiful with yellow, blue, purple, green and red feathers that covered their skin. He was jealous – so very jealous of their colourful feathers that he didn’t have.

The beautiful midday sun beamed through the luscious leaves, making the river Amazon look like an eruption of crystals. The parrot could hear the cheers laser through his mind and he was desperate to join in and play. The parrot asked if he could join in but best beloved, what do you think they said? Let’s find out.  “I really want to play football please – I’m really good, I promise” asked the little parrot. The parrots stopped kicking the ball and glared at the voice they heard behind them. Who was this rainbow-less bird asking to join in they thought. “No, sorry – we do not let seagulls play with us as you may steal our ball like you steal food” they retorted to him. The other parrots started laughing at him uproariously. Fury rose in the parrot’s body like lava. “But- but I am not a seagull, I am a parrot, why do you not believe me?” They just ignored him and carried on playing.  Flying away, far, far away from the other parrots, all the parrot thought was how he wished he had rainbow feathers like other parrots.

The moon rose as evening arrived, a mysterious storm arrived and the rain started hammering down and sun soaked his feathers. The leaves of the palm trees swished in the wind and the parrot took shelter away from all the other parrots. Without warning, a gust of wind swirled him around in a circle like a tornado, up towards the rainbow that had formed. As he entered the rainbow, everything went black like he had entered a black hole.

The humid air, awoke him. Was this a dream?  Is this true? What just happened? He shook off his question and decided to carry on his day. But he felt different; something big changed but he didn’t know what. The parrot flew to the rainforest and his wings waved around like a fan. Arriving at the rain forest, all the birds started to glare at him. The parrots squeaked “Why do you look so beautiful? How did you look like that? You do not deserve to look like that.” This is what must have changed last night. He must have got the pastel coloured feathers. The parrot who looked beautiful said to all the other parrots “you are jealous because I have wonderful feathers and you don’t.” The beautiful parrot with pastel feathers said “I know I looked like a seagull who takes food but now I look pastel perfect” Happiness bubbled in his body and were tears rolled down his cheek like a waterfall as finally accepted himself.


In Brooke's original Just So Story she really made me feel for Nelly the elephant. Have a look below.

The elephant who grew a tail


Millions of years ago, a young innocent elephant named Nelly lived in Mali in sizzling Western Africa.

Nelly had a large and caring family but there was a problem – a problem with Nelly herself. She was a beautiful, young elephant but she didn’t have a tail, unlike the rest of the elephants who lived within the stifling desert. This elephant was also shy and she struggled to communicate with her own friends – she tried her best but her voice never appeared. They wondered why Nelly refused to talk. But she didn’t know... no one did.

One day, Nelly’s friends went to her house and spoke to her. “Nelly, why don’t you speak to anyone but your grandma?” One asked. “We are getting annoyed.” The next said. “Do you not trust us? What have we and your poor family done for you not to speak to anyone but your Grandma?” replied the last one. Looking down at the desert floor, Nelly wondered why she didn’t talk to anyone else but her grandma. “Nelly we do like you … but … we don’t really want to be your friend because you don’t talk to us and we’ve never heard you speak. When we are here you don’t speak, even when we go for walks. So it’s like you’re not with us anyway… do you agree?” Nelly sat there kicking the dirt with her feet and burst into tears. Surprisingly Nelly sobbed “Yes” and turned the other way as a tear rolled down her face. Why did they say that? Was it true? Why won’t they let me get on with my own secret life she wondered.  As her friends walked away they began to regret their decisions.

That night, still crying, Nelly ran away. Grey clouds were forming. Lightning bolts hit the earth aggressively in the distance, and normally Nelly would be scared, but she wanted to leave so badly that she fought her fear. She would rather be out and scared than be with her friends that seemed they never liked her, and family who never bother with her.

Nelly found a strange place to stay, under a weak tree that had no leaves. Half of her grey body was in the pouring rain. The blasting lightning suddenly hit the tree. She was terrified, too scared to even cry. But she then made another mistake. She got struck.

Trying to run, Nelly’s skin by her rear end got stuck on the tree. She couldn’t move. All she could think of was, is this the end? Suddenly, the dead tree with no leaves, fell in half. She was free! In a panic, Nelly ran home and went to bed, she wished it was all a dream but it wasn’t. She covered herself in dirty sands.

The next morning Nelly wanted to talk to everyone about her adventure. She ran to her parents and “Mum, Dad I have grown this…look!” She pointed at her tail. “Oh Nelly you can talk.” Her mum cheered.  Everyone stood still and looked. “Hello, I am not shy anymore. My friends made me realise that there’s no reason to be scared of other elephants. I also ran away and a tree got struck by lightning. I went to run but my skin on my rear end got stuck. It stretched and made a tail.”

Nelly then made loads of friends for being the first elephant child to say a speech in front of all her memory. Nelly lived happily and walked with her friends. She did fall out some times but they were friends again after two minutes.

That’s how elephants have tails.



Jasper has written a smashing Just So story. I loved the idea of a crocodile with 'blunt teeth' and also a character who is 'King of Crocs.' Jasper also addresses the reader directly. Read the brilliant story below.


The Crocodile That Once Had Blunt Teeth 

Long before Dinosaurs, there were crocodile’s but not like the ones we know today. Oh Best Beloved, no, this one had blunt teeth, as blunt as an overused hammer. His fellow crocodile friends would laugh at him and especially the King of the Crocs because he couldn’t even bite an orange in half. But one day things changed. How did they change, you may ask? Well, it went down a bit like this.

This shy crocodile, called Dave, was swimming silently and steadily in the beautiful billabong, in Queensland, Australia, where he lived. Fish tickled, tickled, tickled his tummy nearly enough to make him laugh, when all of a sudden, he heard a growl. Someone had challenged the King of the croc to take his title. Slowly sneaking over to the commotion on the other side of the river he tried to help the other Crocodile who was challenging the King. “Don’t you worry, I’ll help you out” Dave bellowed, opening his mouth as wide as he possibly could ready to attack. The King of the Croc’s snarled at Dave “you are nothing, you can’t help. Your blunt teeth can’t do anything – they would never pierce this skin!” Without warning, he swiped his tail and the poor crocodile lost his balance falling on to the rock with his mouth open. The pain was indescribable as it overtook his body like a parasite. His head span like a propeller and he felt as dizzy as though he had been on a merry go round. Everything went dark.

The bright light shone in his eyes, waking him up – his head felt groggy. What happened? How long have I been a sleep for? Where am I? In the corner of his eye, he saw a sharp object on the rock that had teeth marks in. What was it, you may ask, best beloved. It was his tooth. Panicked, he raced towards the water to see his reflection. He grinned as wide as he could and saw teeth as sharp as spindles looking back at him.

If my teeth are this sharp, I can trick the King of the Crocs, he thought to himself. I can now pierce his skin – that will teach him! In fact, I am going to prove it. He felt as bright as the Australian sun beaming down on him.

Looking at the mess around him, Dave followed the trail of destruction that lead him to the still fighting Crocodiles. “Look who’s back again and has woken up from their little, little, sleep.” The King of Crocs teased Dave. “Why don’t you try again” he let out a laugh, whilst rushing towards Dave. Dave stood firm and grinned with confidence flashing his razor sharp teeth. In shock, the King of Croc’s stuttered “y-y-you have teeth. I’m sorry. Earlier was just a joke! Please don’t bite me.”  The glaring crocodile replied “why should I not? Let the other crocodile be the King and or I will have to bite!” He nodded in fear. “I surrender!” And he did.

From this day onwards, this crocodile passed on his blade like teeth to all of the crocodiles that ever lived up until present day and the King of Crocs never fought any other crocodile ever, ever, ever again.


Well done Daniyal for using lots of techniques Rudyard Kipling uses to engage the reader in your story including 'Dear Best Beloved; and alliteration. Read this brilliant story in the attachments below. 


Well done Laura for your engaging Just So story. I really liked for the giraffe was very different at the beginning and also how you address the reader directly with ' may ask.'

How the giraffe got its neck.

                         By Laura Year 6 Seal Primary School

Oh best beloved, long ago, when time was still new, a greedy giraffe called Greta roamed the sub Saharan in Africa. But this giraffe is not like ones you see today; she looked like a leopard with very, very long legs.

Why was she so greedy, you may ask? This rather greedy African animal devoured any grass she set her eyes on – even if it wasn’t her own. Whilst eating this grass that didn’t belong to her (which the animals did not approve of.)  She would sing a song that goes like this, “I like to munch on grass and hay, whenever I want, anytime any day. I love to munch, munch, munch, especially during my lunch, lunch, lunch!”

One day the animals decided enough is enough, late that night they meet up at the old melon trees to talk about Greta and how to stop her from eating their food “How are we going to stop her from eating our grass and hay?” asked Zoey the zebra in a sad voice, scratching her head, deep in thought. “Maybe we could tie her to a tree and then she could only eat the grass around her!” suggested Manny the monkey. They all shook their heads. All they wanted was for her to stop eating their food – they didn’t want to hold her captive. They thought some more. “Hmm, but what if she eats all the grass around her and she is still tied up? Then she won’t have any food left to eat and it’s not fair to keep her tied up. ”argued Victoria the elephant. “Then what?” sighed Manny. All of a sudden, without warning, a juicy, ripe melon fell on his head “Oww” he looked at the melon staring at it as if it was a valuable diamond  ”I have the perfect plan.” 

The next day they gathered around her and told her a story about the sweetest grass in Africa and it only grows in a hole in the melon tree, Greta ran towards the nearest patch of melon trees to look for the one with the hole in it.

The animals sniggered to themselves as she found the one with the hole in it and stuck her head in it but because she had eaten every ones grass she had gotten quiet big and after she saw there was no grass in it, she tried to pull her head out but she couldn’t she was stuck “HELP ME!” she cried in fear.

After four hours of trying to get free there was no hope she was as stuck as a baby koala to its mum.

Then her friend Amelia came to see what all the commotion was about, when she saw her friend stuck in the tree she demanded “what’s going on here!” the animals explained all about how she ate all their food.” Hummm ok why don’t you make her promise not to eat anyone else’s grass and hay?”

The animals agreed to help to get her unstuck if she promised not to eat their food and she agreed. The animals started to pull, they pulled and pulled and pulled and finally she was free but because of all the pulling she was now three feet taller. They stared at this animal in amazement. All the giraffes wanted to be as tall as her. Eating their grass was not a problem anymore as now she can reach the wonderful luscious leaves. That was how the giraffe got their neck. Oh dear beloved do you think Greta will keep her promise to the animals?


What a great Just So Story, Maise, I really liked the moral you included at the end of your story. 

The mannerless meerkat

There was once a Meerkat, many years ago who lived in the stifling South African town of Kalahari. Oh best beloved, this Meerkat had no manners; she was extremely, extremely bossy and she disrespected her family. Additionally, she mistreated the other animals in the village as though they were  her servants. In the mornings she would ask for a breakfast that was the perfect amount for her hunger. Most of the time nobody knew how hungry she is as she didn’t care to communicate with the other animals. She often got angry and would hit them on the head with a twig that she liked to call it the “hitting stick”.

She would demand water to be fed to her, animals to find her food or to provide entertainment to her. The animals were too fearful to say no however, they had begun to get fed up with her ways.

One day Cora was walking around looking for people to boss around, when the king of the lion pride was present. “Who are you? Actually never mind, I don’t care. Just go and get me some food! I am hungry.” She forcefully ordered. “No, I’m here to tell you that just because some animals are scared to say no to you, it doesn’t give you the right to order them around.” The lion had the most bravery out of everybody in Northern Cape Town. “What do you mean? My animals love me being their Queen.” The Meerkat tipped her head back and cackled at his silliness. The lion remained calm and collected and stood his ground. “Meerkat, forgive me for saying but for again, they’re not your animals, and you’re not their queen. They are their own animals so I suggest you stop being bossy and rude before you regret your decisions…” Cora laughed in the lions face. “Yea right, you won’t do anything to me!” She walked away with a smirk on her face. “Fine, have it your way… but you might not be happy.”

The next day past and Cora was still being her normal, selfish, being. “Ha, I knew he would be too scared to punish me!” All of a sudden a long stripe grew on Cora’s back. “What? Why is there an ugly line on my back? This can’t be real…” Cora thought this new look was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. Everybody gave her a weird look as she now had a difference. This upset Cora even more so she would start to hit anybody (with the hitting stick) on the head.

A few days passed and Cora still had the stripe. No more had appeared…until now. The second stripe appeared. “What another one, why does this keep happening. Maybe the lion was right!” She was starting to believe the king lion, but she was still being rude.

Many stripes had grown on her back now and she had enough. Marching up to the King’s cave she had a frown on her face. “What have you done to me? I look hideous!” “I warned you, you should have been kind!” He smiled. “I’m sorry…I should have listened to you.” “Yes you should have, so now will you be kind?” “Yes” she agreed.

Cora never thought she would ever stop being “important” but on that day it all changed… do you think Cora should have been punished more? Will Cora ever be disrespectful again? Is Cora truly, truly kind?

Since then all Meerkats have four stripes on their backs too show their kindness. I hope this story teaches others that bossing others around is not the right decision. So please respect others and be kind! You never know if they could change your life forever.



Our adaptation and evolution guides

In June's guide she has really considered her audience with the information she share, her presentation and illustrations. Have a look at part of her booklet in the attachment below. 



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